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Nitori International Scholarships Foundation, Applications opening for year 2021, Japan

Application deadline: From June 11, 2020 to November 1, 2020: Entry period

Overview of scholarships for international student

This is a scholarship for privately funded foreign students enrolled in/scheduling to enroll in a university or graduate school in Japan

This is a benefit-type scholarship with no obligation to repay

You are required to submit a monthly report while receiving the scholarship. It is also
the obligation of scholars to participate in Foundation events .

Application method

Apply by filling out the entry form online from the Nitori International Scholarship Foundation website.
After that, after passing the entry screening, WEB test, document screening, and interview, the successful applicants are decided.
Successful applicants will be recognized as scholarship students by joining the ceremony or participating in exchange meetings.

Application Requirements: PDF (downloadable)

List of required documents PDF (downloadable)

Essay base paper PDF (downloadable)

More information on Nitori international scholarships website.

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