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Scholarship for International Student at Zurich University

Scholarships for study and living costs

Funding studies is primarily the responsibility of the student and his/her immediate family. ETH Zurich can offer students a scholarship if they and their family cannot afford this funding, provided that the students can demonstrate that they are making adequate progress with their studies.

Scholarships from ETH Zurich are always intended to provide subsidiary funding. In other words, they are designed to supplement other financial resources, and in particular other scholarships from the student’s canton of residence or country of origin. ETH Zurich scholarships do not completely cover the costs of studies and living.

Study grants from foundations

There are a number of foundations in Switzerland and abroad offering grants of to support students. It is worth searching these funding opportunities online and/or making enquiries at your local authority.

An estimation of living and study costs in Zurich for international students is given here:

Living costs (PDF, 152 KB)

Excellence scholarships

ETH Zurich supports outstanding students who wish to pursue Master's degree studies by offering two scholarship programmes:

- Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP)

- ETH-​D Scholarship

Swiss government scholarships

The Swiss Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) awards scholarships for postgraduate studies to foreign students with a university degree.

For further information see Swiss Government Scholarships

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