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Internship Program in BBC News

For more information on the application process and when you will hear back regarding your application please scroll down.

Each year the BBC welcomes over 1,000 people in on work experience. These are two week opportunities for you to come and see how we work at the BBC. 

This is not a job or even a try-out for a job, but it is a way to get a better idea about what we do in the BBC across the UK and in every department – not just output teams. 

There are more people who want to do work experience at the BBC each year than we have opportunities, so we ask you to complete an online profile which allows us to find out a bit about you and why you are interested in work experience at the BBC.

We also ask you to express a preference about dates, location and business area and when we have this information we will try and match you with a suitable placement.  

Work experience is unpaid. We will reimburse travel expenses for up to £15 per days attended. It is open to anyone aged 18 or over. We do have some limited opportunities for 16/17 year olds in some locations. Unfortunately, we can't offer feedback if you are unsuccessful in your application.

To find out more about working in the industry see the BBC Academy website and for new talent news and opportunities.

Due to the nature of programme commissioning and production, it is impossible for us to predict exactly when a placement will be starting. This means, that when you apply you might not hear from us for up to three months as we advertise nearly four months in advance. We understand that this may be frustrating but we appreciate your patience.

A work placement can start at any time during the month it is advertised. We do try to give as much notice as possible but unfortunately this can be as little as a week due to production schedules and logistics planning.

The BBC notifies all applicants of the outcome of any application(s) made and we will contact you at the earliest opportunity regarding this via email. 


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