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Summer School Program in New Zealand

Why choose Summer School?

Take advantage of the summer break to:

  • Start or continue your degree or diploma studies
  • Progress through your programme more quickly
  • Make up for unsatisfactory performance in a previous semester
  • Spread a heavy workload

Conjoint students

If you are completing a conjoint degree, Summer School gives you greater flexibility for scheduling courses and spreading workloads. You can also quickly improve your overall grade point average.

Students from other tertiary institutions

You can study at Summer School. These courses may be credited back to your degree at your home institution.

What to expect from Summer School

  • Summer School delivers a selection of undergraduate, postgraduate and General Education courses over 6 weeks from early January to mid-February, using a short, intensive teaching format.
  • All courses offered are taught and examined to the same standard as Semester One and Two courses.
  • Courses include those that contribute towards the core components of the Bachelors of Commerce, Arts and Science degrees.
  • Summer School also includes many introductory-level courses likely to be of interest as electives. It also provides a basis for possible advanced-level study.

Planning your Summer School

Courses run over a shorter time than usual, using a condensed teaching format and a demanding assessment schedule.

Selecting your course load

  • All courses are 15 points (unless otherwise indicated).
  • The maximum course load you can take over Summer School is 30 points.
  • The condensed teaching format means 30 points of Summer School courses equals at least a workload of 60 points (or more) of courses taken during Semester One or Two.
  • If you are planning to re-enrol in a failed course, you will not be able to carry across course work credit from a previous semester of study.
  • We recommend you take a maximum course load of 15 points if:
    • You are new to tertiary study
    • You have studied and completed a 45-point courseload during a normal semester, with a grade point average of less than 3.5

We encourage new students to talk to faculty student advisers before enrolling.

Making the most of Summer School

You must be really committed to completing the course requirements. It’s vital that you organise and manage your time effectively. For example, you will need to spend a minimum of two additional hours of reading and private study for each hour in class.

You need to attend all lectures, tutorial and laboratory classes, and complete all set work, as well as a final examination (if applicable) in each course studied. Language courses are likely to involve more time than other courses.

Academic integrity

All students proposing to enter Univerisity for the first time in Summer School must take the online academic integrity course.

Build your study skills

We have courses that will help  you learn useful skills for Summer School.

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