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140 Free Online Course Stanford University 2020


About Stanford University

The Leland Stanford Junior University or now we called it “Stanford University” was founded in 1885 by California Senator Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane. They founded this university to memory of their child named  Leland Jr who died at 15. Stanford University was opened in 1891 and located in Stanford, California United State of America. In 2020, this university has around 16.000 students and 2.219 faculties. Stanford becomes one of the best Universities in the world which is providing the best quality of education especially in research. Stanford also provided many courses, online and offline. The great news is they also provided free online course Stanford University.

 Free online course Stanford University

Free online courses Stanford University could be accessed by everyone, student, lecturer, professional, and many more. This free online course to be great media to enhance our quality of new insights from the experts. Because the tutors on this online course coming from Stanford University or affiliated with Stanford. So you don’t need to worry!

Could we get certificate after we finished online course Stanford University?

Yes you could! But if you wanted to get certificate you have to pay around 50 USD – 200 USD per course. Is it worth? It depends on you, if you purposed to enrich your resume or Linkedin account this option would be the best.

How long this course going and what media will we use?

It usually takes around 5 – 10 weeks per course, to join this free online course Stanford University the provider will use video, script in many languages, audio even in some event they use live came. Besides, once you join this course you could also

What kind of subject that we could take?

Online course Stanford University provided many subjects that you could take, for sample, economy, biology, history, English, public speaking, healthy and so on. So for us this course would really benefit you especially if you are still studying and need new insights, it would help you to improve your knowledge.

Where and how could take the online course?

You could take free online course Stanford University by visiting Edx site, this site is online platform gathering online course from universities around the world including Stanford University. So please click link below :

Stanford University direct site : Click Here

Edx Stanford University Site : Click Here

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