Essay for Harvard Application : 5 Tips to Write the Best Supplemental Essay Prompt 2020-2021

Essay for Harvard Application : 5 Tips to Write the Best Supplemental Essay Prompt 2020-2021


Are you planning to study in Harvard University? We wish you are! It is common thing every time student purposing to apply to study at college or university, they are obligated to submit the essay including this prestigious ivy League school like Harvard University! There are some essay for Harvard application you have to write even some of them are supplement, but some believe this supplement essay would support your application. One thing you have to do in supplement essay is you will need to write a personal essay to response one of the prompts provided by Common App, Coalition App, or UCA. This essay for Harvard application is required about 500-550 words long, we know this is short essay but this essay would become your one of the magic tool to get into Harvard University!

This is some tips of making essay for Harvard application

In this article we would focus on supplement essay on essay for Harvard application which will give you some suggestions to response some prompts provided by Harvard :

Tell your unique experience and if it was challenging for you then you have to tell how you deal with it

In the making of essay for Harvard application, especially in supplement essay prompts section you will find some prompts that you have to choose one of them and write it down into essay. The topic would be very fun or might be very challenging, of course it depends on how you see it. Here we will give you a sample when you choose the prompt about “uncommon thing”. Uncommon thing usually refer to the rare experience that you have faced in the past and affected your life.  

For instance, you will talk about your experience as a person who was born and rise in very poor family. You were not going to school because your parent could not pay for the school. But then in next few years you were accepted at Harvard University. It is really important to put many explanations on essay for Harvard application, why you could get accepted at Harvard while your family condition was not good financially.

For sample, you write “Even my family poor, but I always tried to learn, every noon after helping my parent in the rice field I went to library to read some books. Fortunately, then I met a very kind librarian who helped me to get scholarship to go to school. While studying at school,  I always got A and decided to apply to study at Harvard and accepted” well this is just a small sample of course, you could write based on your experience! We hope this could help you to write essay for Harvard application.

Give specific impact of your experience to your life

Okay here we go! Next prompt for sample is about travel, living and work experience. In this essay for Harvard application, would very important to you to explain specific thing which also affected your life s

Here my sample “I was born and raised in very rich family, my parent always gave anything that I wanted, I never saw down to people who are not lucky. Until I decided to go travel to Nepal and did volunteerism there. I was really shocked, as I never stayed at uncomfortable place, but then I learned a lot from there. I was learning how to be grateful, to respect and to not spending much money for the things is not worth.” So this writing is really simple in the making of essay for Harvard application as you talk about your past experience and you take the lesson from there then implement into your present life.

Be truly who you are and see your life by two sides

In life being truly who you are is really important, because it would affect to your health mentally and physically. Including here in the making of essay for Harvard application, we would take a sample prompt about “Honesty”. Before you response this prompt please be noticed to not write about your worse or something you did illegally for sample. We recommend you to not talk about black or white but would be better grey.

For sample, while you were studying at high school you decided to take Science class but then you realized it was not your passion. You thought to change the major but it was prohibited (this is just a sample). Then you have to finish your study at Science class until you graduate. Even Science class is not your passion, but you tried to look another way to fulfill your passion about History class. The solution you have chosen was you took extracurricular about the history. So we can conclude on the essay for Harvard application, even you felt you have chosen the wrong major but you could still saw the best thing you could do.

Convey your realistic goal for your future

In the next prompt, we will give you a sample about your future goal. You have to be careful in explaining this on essay for Harvard application. Being realistic would be great decision to write this essay. We suggest you to look back to your past experience and what you are doing right now. For sample, last year you got many achievements of English debate nationally and internationally then you decided to apply to study at Harvard University to take English Education and the reason why you choose English Education major because you want to be an English teacher. In this case, you have to clearly to explain how your major and Harvard could help you to reach your goal? And why you did not choose another university, why Harvard? Specific explanation in this essay for Harvard application would make you really different!

Broaden your critical thinking

Okay now the last prompt is about “List of Books”, this prompt might look really simple and easy if you write it down into essay. But in the making essay for Harvard application, you have to be careful as always. When you choose this prompt for your essay, you have to broaden your critical thinking. For simple, instead of just listing the tittle of books, you better put your comment about the book, like what you do like and you don’t like, or agree and disagree. It would be more intellectual rather than you just write you’re the list of books without put some comments. Besides, you could also explain what the reason you read those books, and why those are important for you.

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