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Multimedia University Malaysia Scholarship for Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Pre-U and Undergraduate Scholarships:

Entrance Scholarships


Eligible for Foundation Students 2020 Intakes in all programmes except Law.


20% Scholarship of tuition fee or 50% Scholarship of tuition fee for those who obtained 4As and above in O-Level

  • Note:
  • Student who accept the offer must complete their foundation studies and continue into any MMU degree programme to enjoy the full “Entrance Scholarship”.
  • In the event, the recipient does not complete foundation or does not continue degree in MMU, the recipient is required to repay the full amount of “Entrance Scholarship” received.
  • Not a recipient of any scholarship from any other agency/organisation.

Merit Scholarships

This scholarship is automatically awarded to eligible students based on their first long trimester result.


  • Student requires to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.33 every trimester throughout their duration of study in order to enjoy the scholarship, failing to do so the scholarship will be terminated. (conditions apply)
  • Open to MMU active international students who enrol to MMU beginning July 2020 intake (Trimester 1, 2020/2021) onwards and pursue their programme in Bachelor’s Degree only.
  • Applicant must meet MMU’s minimum academic achievement as per stated above in their first long trimester result in MMU in order to enjoy the benefit.
  • Applicant must complete the respective program as per MMU Senate approval.
  • Criteria & Entitlement (CGPA)
    3.75 – 4.00 50%
    3.50 – 3.74 25%

Postgraduate Scholarships

MMU High Achievers Scholarships


The MMU High Achievers Scholarship is awarded to first class graduates who are enrolling in postgraduates research programmes in MMU.

The Scholarship duration is 2 years only.

Student must apply within one year from official completion of undergraduate degree.

Master’s Programmes (By Research)
Criteria & Entitlement (Degree CGPA): 3.67 – 4.00 100%


The scholarship will cover below fees (except for Deposit):

  1. Registration Fee
  2. Tuition Fee
  3. University Resource Fee
  4. Student Activity Fee
  5. Subjects Fee
  6. Smart Card Fee (one time only)
  7. Examination Fee
More info : Full information available on Official Website.
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