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Scholarship for Indonesian to Study in Japan from INPEX Scholarship Foundation


  • All school expenses paid to the university in Japan (entrance examination fee/ entrance fee/ tuition fee/ etc.).
  • Monthly allowance Yen.160,000.-
  • Commuter pass expenses in Japan.
  • Air ticket (Jakarta-Tokyo round trip, economy class), one time only.
  • Duration: A maximum of 2 years and 8 months


The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Is an Indonesian national, living in Indonesia/ age less than 30/ 16 or more years of school education/ have a SARJANA Degree in natural science from a prestigious Indonesian university with GPA 3.0 or more/ aiming to study and research natural science in a master’s program of university in Japan.
  • Have the aim to study and research a course of Natural Science in a masters program of university in Japan, and were permitted or are expected to be permitted to enter
    the university.
  • Have excellent results of school record, (cumulative GPA : more than 3.0)
  • Is in good health.
  • Have been allowed to apply for the scholarship of the FOUNDATION by the institutes, universities or companies they are working for.
  • Have interest in the friendly relations between the Republic of Indonesia and Japan and are prepared to contribute to the promotion of such relations.
  • Had not or have not been yet awarded any similar scholarship in Japan or in other developed countries.
More details, including application guidelines and application forms on Official website.
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