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Scholarship for International Student at Kyung Hee University Korea

“We are proud to offer a large number and wide range of scholarships. In 2014, KIC students on average received 46% of annual tuition, which is one of the highest percentage in Korean universities.”
Dean of the College of International Studies, Kyung Hee University

The KIC scholarships can be divided into the following four main types:

· Academic Excellensce Scholarships
 Students who exhibit an exemplary undergraduate record in the previous semester with a GPA ranked in the top 5% of registered students are eligible to receive this scholarship.

· Need-Based Financial Aid
Students who require financial aid to continue their university studies may be eligible for financial support depending upon their parents’ financial capability.

· Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Students who participate in the various study abroad or exchange programs as well as in KIC-run international workshops or internships, can receive a significant amount of financial aid from the college to alleviate their financial burden.

· Support for Student Domestic / International Activities
In order to garner greater student participation in various domestic or international activities such as the national Model United Nations (MUN) Competition, open contests, conferences, public or private sector internships or international volunteer work projects, KIC provides financial support for participants.

In addition to those listed above, students also have several other avenues for financial assistance for their college education.

Kyung Hee University provides a variety of very attractive scholarships including the CK-II scholarship for those who have achieved an outstanding score on their entrance examination. In fact, several new KIC students come to the college upon receipt of these scholarships every year. Students can also take advantage of a government-funded financial aid program offered by the Korea Student Aid Foundation. The KHU alumni association along with various other external organizations also provide scholarships for KIC students. For more details, please visit

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