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Summer School Program in Barcelona Universitas

Summer School Program in Barcelona University

The UAB’s summer courses are offered throughout June, July and August. The courses follow the structure of the university’s regular intensive courses, and can be taken individually or combined for an extended program.

The program starting on the 27th of July and running into August has a slightly different format to the rest of the summer courses. Instead of having classes 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, during the month of August there are classes from Monday to Thursday only. To compensate for the loss of classes the course lasts 5 weeks instead of 4- from the 27th of July to the 28th of August. The course in August can still be combined with courses in July or September.

During the month of August, optional extra-curricular activities are arranged on Fridays.

The summer courses are ideal for those who wish to learn a lot in a short period of time while enjoying the summer vibrancy of Barcelona. Whereas people of all ages and backgrounds enrol in the UAB’s summer courses, program participants are predominantly young students between the ages of 18-35.

This course allows students to combine a productive educational experience with a vacation in one of the most vibrant cities in Spain– and in the world. Barcelona’s beautiful coastline and excellent nightlife take on a special character during the summer months, making it an ideal study destination for this time of year.

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