GoEco Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

GoEco Volunteer Abroad Scholarship


GoEco aims to provide access to affordable volunteer projects, but we do understand that volunteering abroad can become quite expensive. We also realize that not all prospective volunteers have immediate access to funds, that's why GoEco has found great resources to help you get the necessary funds to make your dream volunteer trip possible!

Ambassadors Scholarship Foundation

Scholarships: This foundation offers a scholarship fund to individuals who are interested in joining programs that boost international relationships and enhance common understanding. This can be achieved through cultural, educational and humanitarian activities that produce a direct exchange of ideas and cultures, among peoples of different countries. Scholarships are awarded based on committee selection or financial need. There is also an option to create your own scholarship. You can visit their website to see what kind of private scholarships they offer. Click here for eligibility requirements and more information!

Fundraising: This is your chance to get the help you need to raise funds for your next volunteer trip! This foundation offers one-of-a-kind products to pre-sell in order for you to achieve your target and support volunteer efforts around the world at the same time. Using the foundation's sales sheets, all you have to do is pre-sell items, with no out-of-pocket expenses. Please note, they offer discounts of 50% and over on many of their products for students fundraising for their education or service endeavors. If you are student, email them at info@ambassadorgiving.org for the discount. Be sure to tell them about your interest in GoEco's volunteer and internship projects abroad. Visit their website to learn more! 

Fund My Travel

Fund My Travel provides volunteers with a crowd fundraising platform, aimed at providing an opportunity for financial support via friends, family, and the online community. Crowd fundraising is a great way to raise funds for your next volunteer trip while also creating a strong sense of public awareness about your cause. Create a profile with Fund My Travel that will let your family, friends, and online audience know why you want to volunteer and what your chosen project is working towards. You can share your profile via email and social media, reaching hundreds of people that want to help you achieve your volunteer goals as well as contribute to a worthy cause!  Start now to begin fundraising for your next volunteer project: Fund My Travel

GoEco's Summer/ Fall Scholarship 

Click here to discover our fall scholarship for a one-week volunteer opportunity in a specific program in Cape Verde, Ethiopia or Kenya! In order to be eligible, students must still be enrolled at the college/ university during the time of their volunteer program.​

Other Opportunities

There are also many offline opportunities for fundraising. Due to the educational and philanthropic benefits of the programs offered via GoEco, volunteers can be eligible for university, college, or school grants; in this case GoEco is happy to provide verification of participation. Volunteers may also contact their local community center or newspaper to help spread the word, providing another avenue of support for the volunteer expedition. GoEco encourages volunteers to get creative with their fundraising; hold a movie night, have a bake sale, or organize a car washing for some good old fashioned fundraising fun!
Happy Volunteering!

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