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Mitsui Bussan Scholarship for Indonesian

As you get ready to apply for scholarships, please pay attention to the qualifying criteria and document requirements. The Scholarship program only for IPA / IPS with >=80 score for English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Economy or Geography qualification.

Your must be less than twenty (20) years of age and unmarried

Notes :

  1. Be Organized : Stay on deadlines, prepare all documents, and make copies of everything you submit.
  2. Be Honest : Don't exaggerate your grades, memberships, skills, or qualifications.
  3. Follow instructions carefully : You can download the complete prospectus; Selection process & document requirements here.

Mitsui Bussan Scholarship for Indonesia 


  1. Firsty read through the step by step instruction and follow instruction to register your email.
  2. Check your registered E-Mail account (eg. Yahoo / Gmail / Hotmail / etc.), then follow the link in your email to start your online scholarship application.
  3. Please check your SPAM folder if you can't find the activation email.

Fill in the application form prescribed in the website based upon instructions thereby.


  1. Pay attention to details when filling out  data of School Records and other information fields.
  2. Be honest with your application, any false statement made on the application dossier may cause your application to be dropped.
  3. After finishing your online application form, click submit and print out the complete form. Also don’t forget to keep your Registration Number.

You need to send the completed application form along with necessary documents via Post (or similar service) to our liaison office in Indonesia 

PERSADA c/o Kampus Universitas Darma Persada (UNSADA)

Jl.  Radin  Inten  II  (Terusan Casablanca),  Pondok  Kelapa,
Jakarta Timur 13450, Indonesia

Telephone: (021) 8647373 / Facsimile: (021) 86900241


List of documents to be submitted can be found here

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