International applicants who wish to apply for 4-year undergraduate programs of SNU.

* Those who wish to study in programs longer than 4 years – such as medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and architecture – cannot apply for this scholarship.

Number of Recipients

Approximately 20 - 40 every year


Full tuition fee: tuition exemption for 8 semesters

Living expenses: 800,000 KRW per month

Airfare: one economy round trip

Korean language training fee: one year

* Korean language training is mandatory and if the student does not achieve TOPIK grade 3 within a year, he is not eligible to enter the degree program.

Others: medical insurance, settlement and returning expenses

Application Period


Selection Procedure

Applicants submit applications for this program to Korean embassies in their countries → The embassies make the first selection → The National Institute for International Education makes the final selection


SNU staff in charge: 82-2-880-6971,

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3. Sungkyunkwan University

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Students who have outstanding academic records, who have financial difficulties, who have submitted a complete scholarship application in time, or who have displayed exemplary conduct.
  • Students who have earned 12 credit hours (9 credit hours in the semester just before the last semester) during the previous semester with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Exceptions
    • 1. Students who are re-registering for additional semesters due to insufficient grades or credit hour requirements for graduation must pay the tuition in full to apply for a scholarship.
    • 2. Students must not have any failing grades in the previous semester to be eligible for the academic excellence scholarship.
    • 3. Returning students must also apply during the application period to be eligible for a scholarship; returning students whose tuition is exempted are not eligible.

Scholarship Application Period

  • The scholarship application period shall be setup at the end of the semester that comes immediately before the semester a scholarship is received. For example, to receive a scholarship for the second semester of 2021 students must apply for it during the application period at the end of the first semester of 2021.
  • The application period will be notified on the university (undergraduate) website.

Scholarship Application Process

  • Go to SKKU GLS (Sungkyunkwan Intranet Service) – Application Requirement Management – Scholarship - Application menu, fill out an application form, and submit all of the relevant documents to your department's office.

Payment of Scholarships

  • Deductions in Tuition Statement: Scholarships are paid as deductions in tuition-statements. That means that the scholarship amounts is specified in a student's tuition statement which is mailed every semester, and they only need to pay what remains after the deduction.
  • Cash Payment (payment into student’s bank account or issuance of scholarship certificate): If a notice of reduction in tuition has already been made to a student but the scholarship recipient changes, then the new recipient will receive the scholarship in cash. If a student who is the recipient of a continuous scholarship returns to school after a leave of absence, the student’s scholarship will also be paid in cash. Also, scholarships from non-university scholarship foundations are paid in cash as well.

Registering Scholarship Receiving Account

  • Go to GLS (Application Requirement Management – Scholarship Application – Scholarship Receipt menu) and fill out your account information (your own account only).

Application for Off-Campus Scholarships from Scholarship Foundations

  • When SKKU receives a request from a scholarship foundation to recommend a student, the details are posted on the main SKKU or department websites.
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4. Chung Ang University
1Outline of CAYSS

The Chung-Ang University Young Scientist Scholarship (CAYSS) Program is a specially organized graduate scholarship program for CAU Graduate School International Students. CAYSS, which was opened in Fall 2010, aims to select and recruit outstanding international students from the prestigious institutions and universities all around the world, and those who are majoring in Engineering, Science, Pharmacy, Nursing and Medicine. The students must be highly recommended by one of the Chung-Ang University's full-time faculty members. The selected students as CAYSS scholars will receive full tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend while studying and doing research at CAU’s advanced laboratories.

2CAYSS Benefits
  • Tuition fee waivers for Four Semesters (including Application and Admission Fees)
  • Admission Requirements: International students majoring in Natural Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing and Medicine, must have obtained the acceptance and recommendation from one of the Chung-Ang University’s full time faculty members. Monthly stipend from their academic advisor (minimum of 500,000KRW per month).
3Conditions for CAYSS recipients
  • A

    Admissions Requirement: International students majoring in natural Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Medicine, who obtained the consent and recommendation from one of the Chung-Ang University full time faculty members.

  • B

    Conditions of Benefit: Students have to maintain a GPA 3.5 or higher each semester. Students must get the approval signature of their academic advisor, each semester, to secure tuition fee waiver scholarship and the monthly stipend for the following semester.

  • C

    Duration: Four semesters for Master's or Doctoral Degree Program; eight semesters for Master’s and Ph.D. joint Degree Program.

  • D

    Research Registration: It’s mandatory for Ph.D. Students to do research registration for two semesters. The registration fee is 10 % of full Tuition fee and it’s not covered by the CAYSS scholarship. Paying the research registration fee is the student’s own responsibility. Also if students would like to issue the Certificate of Enrollment after finishing their course work, they need to do the research registration as well.

  • E

    Requirements for Graduation

    • 1. Master’s Degree : An article must be submitted to JCR by him/herself or collaboration with the student's academic advisor before the graduation. It must be published within 1 year of graduation(including confirmation of publication).This must be a separate article from the presentation of thesis for graduation.
    • 2. Doctoral Degree: An article must be published to JCR by him/herself as a first or a corresponding author (including confirmation of publication). This must be a separate article from the presentation of thesis for graduation.
    • 3. Master’s & Ph.D. Joint Degree: An article must be published to JCR by him/herself as a first or a corresponding author (including confirmation of publication). This must be a separate article from the presentation of thesis for graduation. Please refer to below benefits of Master’s & Ph.D. Joint degree program ;
      • A. Exemption from the Master's Degree Thesis Submitting Qualification Proficiency Test (Language & Major)
      • B. Exemption from the Master's degree thesis
      • C. Scholarship upon entering the doctoral degree program
      • D. After completing more than 4 semesters in the program with more than 30 credits, the Master degree is recognized as obtained.
    • 4. Regulations and Policy Regarding Cancellation of Study
      - If a successful applicant decides to cancel or to leave school after the semester starts(in the middle of semester), the student will be requested to pay certain amount of tuition fee based on dates and CAU tuition fee payment policy due to the scholarship's cancellation.

This scholarship is available for the students who are majoring in Natural Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing and Medicine. Admission to the graduate school program is open to all qualified international applicants who hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited undergraduate institution(to be eligible for Master's program) or a bachelor's degree and Master's degree from an accredited undergraduate and graduate institution(to be eligible for Doctoral program).

  • A. International Applicants
    • 1) Foreign nationals whose both parents hold foreign citizenship. (Non-Korean students whose both parents are Non-Korean.)
    • 2) An applicant who is a foreigner(Non-Korean) and has completed all educational courses or degrees in a foreign country for more than 16 years equivalent to primary, secondary and university education.
  • B. Those who obtained acceptance and recommendation from their prospective academic advisor, who is a currently a full time faculty member of Chung-Ang University
5How to Apply

Find faculty members in the field of your interest for your future academic advisor. Applications cannot apply without the acceptance and recommendation by one of CAU’s full-time faculty members. The prospective academic advisor should be a professor, an associate professor, an assistant professor or a full time lecturer Chung-Ang University Graduate School.

Contact the faculty members directly via email to obtain the acceptance for the laboratory. When you try to contact CAU faculty members, please be reminded of the following process:

  • Gather information about the faculty members and their field of research in advance by looking at their publications, research papers, and personal websites.
  • Include "CAYSS" in the subject line of the email.
  • Provide as much of your academic background and application information as possible.
  • Provide the names of other faculty members if contacting more than one at the same time.
  • Provide the name of your current or previous academic advisor as a reference.
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5. Sookmyong Woman's University

English Island Scholarship

English Island Program is sponsored by Int’l Affairs Office and General English Program (GEP) that pairs non-native English peaking students with native or fluent English speaking exchange students for one-on-one conversation in English. Interns will be guided by professors in GEP for details of the work and will also be reviewed monthly for the scholarship.

  • Exchange Students from the universities in English-Speaking Countries such as USA, Canada and Australia, etc.
    * If your native language is not English, you must prove that you are fluent in English such as TOEFL score. General English Program may require an interview for your eligibility.
Terms of Condition
  • Internship: Less than 8 hours per week during regular semester
  • Scholarships: Approximately KRW1,000,000 per semester (KRW 10,000 per hour)
    * You are expected to assigned time with your conversation partner, otherwise, your scholarship will be terminated.
How to apply

Submit the following documents along with other applications for exchange program

  • Application form for English Island Intern (Download!)
  • A proof of English Language Proficiency (for those whose mother tongue is not English)
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