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Wageningen University Scholarship for International Student 2021


With a scholarship, you can cover (a part of) the costs of studying at Wageningen University & Research. Before applying or being invited for a scholarship, you need to be admitted to one of our Master's programmes. Also, you need to contact possible scholarship sponsors at a very early stage.

There are three types of scholarships to finance your study in Wageningen:

  1. Scholarships that are offered to selected candidates;
  2. Scholarships you can apply for yourself;
  3. Scholarships from other countries.

Below you will find an overview of the scholarships available for international students. If you want to qualify for a scholarship you need to be admitted to a Master's programme of Wageningen University & Research. Please be aware that you have to submit your application to a Master's programme before the scholarship application deadline. Bear in mind that there are many more candidates for the various scholarships than there are places. Many candidates are therefore not offered a scholarship, even though they do meet the scholarship requirements.

Find other scholarships

The Nuffic NESO and the Scholarship Portal offer an online search engine for those who want to study in the Netherlands and are looking for financial aid. The websites contain information on a range of Dutch scholarships for foreign students.

Many international organisations, such as various United Nations agencies, the European Union, the World Bank, regional development banks and private foundations provide scholarships or fellowships for studying abroad. Please inquire at the offices of these organisations in your country/region or consult their website.


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