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Hybe Labels (BTS Labels) Internship and Career Opportunity


·         PASSION

Who we are looking forWe look for self-driven people who truly loves what they do focuses on creating the best content/product/service within their area of expertise, unwilling to compromise standards. They never give up even when they are met with adversity, and strive to solve the core issue at hand, always making new attempts for continuous improvement. A passionate person is ever curious and is committed to finding answers for issues not only regarding their own field of work, but also related work, the method of work, and their surrounding environment, and goes that extra mile to seek out better solutions and environments with a positive mindset.


·         AUTONOMY

How we workOur company respects the different experiences and ideas of all our members and encourage horizontal communication. Openly sharing information, experiences and feedback with everyone leads to excellence. Every member is given full authority and responsibility needed to accomplish what they strive for. The company encourages all members who aim to actively expand their area of work and grow, and aspires for success achieved through the growth of individual members.


·         TRUST

Our attitude towards each otherWe work together, believing that we can "Win Together". We sincerely believe in and identify with the company's mission and vision, and cooperate without condition in order to reach our collective goal. We encourage constructive differences of opinion that will inevitably occur in the process of cooperation, and we strive to steer our courageous, bold discussions in a way that can bring about productive conclusions.



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