Seoul Institute of the Arts Scholarship for International Student

Seoul Institute of the Arts Scholarship for International Student


About the Scholarship 

Seoul Institute of the Arts offers international students a scholarship covering 100 percent of tuition for top incoming freshman. In addition, students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above qualify for scholarships up to half of tuition. Foreign language merit awards require a TOPIK score of Level 3 or above (for freshmen) and Level 4 or above (for sophomores and juniors). International students who have not received secondary education in an English-speaking country can apply with a TOEIC score of 700 or above.

Average tuition per students : 9,116,000 won/year (as of 2012)

Selection CriteriaScholarship per studentRemarks
test score
Top three foreign students (Provided there are more than thirth)New Student Scholarship- 1st place : 100% of Tuition- 2nd place : 75% of Tuition- 3rd place : 50% of TuitionIf a student fulfills both criteria, scholarship with the higher amount will be given
QualificationTOPIK level 4 or higherKRW 1,000,000
Enrolled StudentsGrade point average 3.0 or higher in the major classes in the previous semester50% of TuitionIn addition, students attaining TOPIK score of 4 or higher will be eligible for ‘Korean Language Scholarship’

All international students who commit to studying at SeoulArts are eligible for all scholarships that the school offers.

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