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Sakarya University Turkey Scholarship for International Students 2022-2023


Sakarya University Scholarship

About this scholarship 

Türkiye Scholarships is a scholarship program which not only provides financial support but also ensures university placement for students in their intended program of application. With this feature, it differs from other scholarship programs in the world. Apart from university education, it is aimed to provide students with the benefits of social, cultural and academic extra- curricular programs and activities while they are in Turkey.

Close communication with international students is sustained not only during their education but also after their graduation. Students who have completed their higher education in Turkey become voluntary country ambassadors who build bridges of friendship between Turkey and their countries. Therefore, the Turkey Alumni network has been established in order to protect our ties with our alumni around the World

Scholarship Opportunities

I. Monthly payment of scholarships

Düzeylere göre öğrencilere ödenen aylık miktar şu şekildedir:

  • For Undergraduate Students; 1000 TL
  • For Master’s Students; 1400 TL
  • For Ph.D. Students; 1800 TL
  • For Research Scholarships Holders; 4000 TL


II. Accommodation

The dormitories are mostly state-run but there are also private dormitories and some non-profit foundations’ dorms. In addition to these, some universities have their own residences.

III. Tuition and Fees

The students’ University and Turkish Language Education fees are paid by the Presidency.

IV. Health Insurance

International students, who will study in Turkey through Türkiye Scholarship, are taken under the coverage of ‘general health insurance’ in order to give them equal, qualified and comprehensive health services, which are supplied by the Turkish government.

V. Turkish Language Education

The students who are eligible for the Turkiye Scholarships and who also do not speak Turkish are granted free Turkish language training for one year. Turkish Scholarship students continue to benefit from all schoalrship oppotunities during their Turkish education.

VI. Transportation

Türkiye Scholarship students are provided by the Presidency with transportation support during the first arrival and departure after graduation. Transportation support may be provided by the Presidency, or in cash in the specified amount.

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