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Moscow State University Russia Bachelor and Master Degree Scholarship for International Student 2023


About this scholarship

The scholarship aims to attract talented domestic and international students to the program and support them during their studies. The scholarship will be granted for the entire duration of the program. However, each year the scholarship recipient will be required to provide evidence of good academic performance.

There is a total of up to 10 monthly stipends of 20 000 - 50 000 RUB (after tax).

In addition, a total of up to 10 grants covering University tuition fees for the duration of the program.

The scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis, and is open for applicants of any nationality and gender. 

To ensure that they are considered for the scholarship, applicants must:

1. Indicate on the application form that they are applying for the scholarship; 

2. Submit application documents to the Foundation at strictly during the dates of admission to the program. Application documents to the program and for the Scholarship competition are identical. 

Please note there are two consent forms required to be submitted with the application pack to the Foundation. The forms are attached to the program application form. 

Travel grants

Students of the programe will be eligible to participate in the travel grants program of the Foundation "BASIS" which allows students, graduate students and young scientists to participate in international research projects, workshops and schools. The program of travel grants is aimed at supporting and strengthening scientific cooperation, primarily at the international level. For more information, please refer here.

Funding by the Russian Government

A. Certain categories of foreign citizens have a right to be enrolled to the programme on equal terms with citizens of the Russian Federation (on a competitive basis) and have their tuition fees fully covered by the Russian State:

1. Foreign citizens having the right for admission to the state-funded positions.

  • Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic (Federal laws 1996 &1998);
  • Citizens of the CIS region who have a right to reside on the territory of the Russian Federation (Federal Laws 1992 & 1995).

2. Russian citizens living abroad

  • Russian citizens permanently residing outside of Russia;
  • Former citizens of the USSR and their descendants living abroad;
  • Relatives (direct descendants) of people from the Russian Federation, the Russian Republic, RSFSR, USSR (Federal Law 1999).

For more information on how to confirm your compatriot status, please refer here 

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