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ASEAN Job Vacancy : Program Officer

Hiring company : ASEAN

Based company : Jakarta, Indonesia

Position : Program Officer

Posted : 2022

Deadline : on going

Salary : Unknown

Employment Type : Fulltime Contract

Address of company : Jakarta, Indonesia


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was founded in 1967 with the purpose of promoting regional cooperation in Southeast Asia, in the spirit of equality and partnership and thereby contribute towards peace, progress and prosperity in the region. In 2015, the ASEAN Community was established, comprising of the ASEAN Economic Community, ASEAN Socio Cultural Community and ASEAN Political Security Community. According to the ASEAN 2025: Forging Ahead Together, which captures ASEAN’s post 2015 Vision, the ASEAN Community is envisioned as a community with enhanced capacity and capabilities to both respond effectively to challenges and to seize opportunities.

In 2022, ASEAN and Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Australia for ASEAN Futures Initiative (Aus4ASEAN Futures), which aims to support the breadth of ASEAN’s objectives, harness new opportunities, respond to emerging challenges, and assist with navigating growing regional complexity. The Aus4ASEAN Futures is expected to deliver AU$ 204 million over ten years, providing support to all three ASEAN Communities. 

As the first stage towards full implementation of Aus4ASEAN Futures, approval for the Australia for ASEAN Futures – Economic and Connectivity (Aus4ASEAN Futures (ECON)) program is currently ongoing, with an anticipated start date in the last quarter of 2022. Aus4ASEAN Futures (ECON) builds on the highly regarded ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program Phase II (AADCP II) program, which has provided support to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) for almost 12 years. The program will also continue to help strengthen capacity of the ASEAN Secretariat in delivering its mandate. This interim program is valued at AU$ 80 million, pending the development of the broader Aus4ASEAN Futures initiative. 

Aus4ASEAN Futures (ECON) will be embedded in the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC), mobilising resources through an ASEAN trust account, and using ASEAN systems. With a proposed budget of AU$ 80 million over 10 years, the program aims to achieve the following end-of-program outcomes: 

  • ASEAN member states’ planning, policies and programs more effectively support economic recovery, integration and connectivity. 
  • ASEAN economic plans, programs and policies more effectively integrate cross-cutting issues, including social inclusion, gender equality and disability. 
  • Australia is recognised for its positive contribution to ASEAN economic growth, integration and connectivity. 1 Upon approval of the program Page 2 of 12 The Aus4ASEAN Futures program will also have a component delivered through a Managing Contractor managed by the Australian Mission for ASEAN. This component includes provision for a Panel of Experts to provide timely access to technical/ sectoral expertise relevant to the program. 
The Aus4ASEAN Futures program will be governed by a Joint Planning and Review Committee (JPRC) comprised of representatives from ASEAN Member States (AMS) and Australia that meets annually to review program progress and approve forward work planning. A Program Management Team (PMT) comprised of the Aus4ASEAN Program Director(s) and representatives from ASEC are responsible for the delivery of the Program within ASEC. They are supported in the implementation of the program by a Program Planning & Monitoring Support Unit (PPMSU), based in the ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta. Also part of the PPMSU are Advisers to ensure efficient Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL), promote gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI) and strengthen Aus4ASEAN Futures communications and public outreach.

The ASEAN Secretariat is seeking qualified candidates from ASEAN Nationals to fill a number of positions as part of the PPMSU:

  • Program Coordinator (PC), one (1) position: The PC manages the program team under the PPMSU and coordinate their inputs together with the program's panel of experts/ technical specialists. The PC is responsible for coordinating Aus4ASEAN Futures programming cycle, including project development planning, preparation and management. This position will report to the Program Director. 
  • Senior Operations Officer (SOO), one (1) position: The SOO manages all daily operations at Aus4ASEAN Futures to ensure the program’s efficient and effective operations. This position will be responsible for anchoring the operations team (both PPMSU staff and ASEC project staff funded by the program) with robust management of human resource, financial, assets and inventories, procurement, contracting, office operations, logistics and administration. Since Aus4ASEAN Futures program uses ASEC systems, the SOO will be expected to regularly coordinate with relevant ASEAN Secretariat staff on operational matters. The SOO will report to the Program Director.
  • Senior Program Officer (SPO), three (3) positions: to provide technical support to the Aus4ASEAN Futures program and the ASEAN Secretariat for development, coordination and management of projects. The SPOs will report to the PC.
How to Apply: Send your application via email to: highlighting your suitability and potential contribution to the position you are interested in together with a detailed CV, including a recent passport-sized photograph and completed Employment Application Form, which can be Page 3 of 12 downloaded at (Note: copies of educational qualifications will only be required to be produced by shortlisted applicants) . Please indicate on the subject: Application for Aus4ASEAN Futures [position title]. Application should reach the ASEAN Secretariat by COB 2 November 2022. Only short-listed applicants will be notified.

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