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ASEAN Career : Executive Director of ASEAN Centre for Active Ageing and Innovation


Hiring company : ASEAN

Based company : Bangkok, Thailand

Position : Executive Director of ASEAN Centre for Active Ageing and Innovation

Posted : 2022

Deadline : on going

Salary :Unknown

Employment Type : Full time

Address of company : Bangkok, Thailand

About this job

In this job you will be placed in ACAI which is an inter-governmental organization and have agreement with ASEAN. If you are selected you will be working in Thailand where ACAI is based. This job has purpose to serve as a knowledge and innovation development hub and promoting ageing in ASEAN region. In this case, ACAI has been supporting ASEAN members and also United Nations for period 2021-2030. On the other hand, this work also will bring all element of society such as governments, civil societies, academia, media and so on. 


  • Candidate must have at least 5 years of experience of leadership in international field
  • Candidate must demonstrate ability to succeed in implementing project
  • Candidate must able to prove to able to work and has experience in international organization
  • Candidate must able to work harmoniously and neutral political and could be able in multi cultural atmosphere in working field
  • Candidate must have high commitment to the values and guidance of ACAI and ASEAN
  • Maximize contribution from ACAI to ASEAN
  • Proposing and Reviewing operating policies in ACAI
  • Ensuring financial viability, transparency
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