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5 Steps How to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship


Motivation letter is very important part of applying many opportunities not only for scholarship indeed but also when you apply employment in companies you will need this letter as well. Writing a motivation letter is seemed easy sometimes but in fact it it is very challenging, you have to be able to describe your "real motivation" with limited words why you deserve scholarship (in this case). We found many students who wrote this motivation letter sometimes is too rambling and not effective for sure. In this article, we will share some tips which hope could you help in writing a motivation letter for scholarship : 

1. Knowing yourself 

Did you ever think when you wanted to apply scholarship but you still confused about who you are? in writing motivation letter is big deal to know yourself first, know your ability, your knowledge, your capability. Because when you have known yourself, it will make you easier to write motivation letter. How we can write a motivation letter without knowing ourselves? Okay before we go to another tips, we also want to recommend you some scholarship you might be interested : 

2. Do research about university and scholarship

Collecting many information and doing research of university and scholarship you want to apply are very important. By gaining many information of your university and scholarship you will have specific picture about the university and scholarship that you apply, this will help you to understand what they wanted and expected. These kind of information will also helping you to suit your background and study or major you want to apply. If you are still confused about university and scholarship you probably will apply, we want recommend you more : 

3. Explain yourself effectively 

As a person who will apply scholarship, you will compete with a lot of competitor, not hundreds maybe thousands. Explaining yourself on motivation letter must be really clear and effective, don't tell too much on the onset, just make it simple. We know many students feel they have a lot of experiences such as volunteering, internship, working, organization and others. But unfortunately we can't write it all on our motivation letter. Just pic some of your experiences related to the major and scholarship you want to apply. 

On the other hand, your experience must be relate to one another, for sample; you are planning to pursue your master degree in education major, so in this motivation letter you better write all your experiences related to education sector not another things. We found many students they just put their experiences even it has no correlation with their main background. 

4. Use valid data

One of the best factor of writing motivation letter is the letter consist of data. When you tell your background, your professional experiences, the reason you want to take the major, you have to provide valid data as well. Putting valid data when you tell about your issue you handle with, will give you a plus. Valid data will make clear that the major you will take is really important for sample for your country development, we are sure this thing will make the committee consider you as one of selected candidate, because the information you tell them is not an illusion, it is real. 

5. Take your time and do recheck 

It's important for you to prepare any documents you need while applying scholarship in advance, don't apply scholarship just in last minutes. I know many people believe in luck, but in this case luck also must be accompanied by great preparation. For sample the deadline of scholarship is 30 June, so at least you have to be ready 10 days before the deadline, give yourself enough time, do some recheck and also you can as the alumni to check your application.

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