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Uniqlo Job Vacancy You Have to Apply in 2023


Hiring company : UNIQLO Indonesia

Based company : Indonesia

Position : 3 Positions

Posted : 2023

Deadline : on going

Salary :Unknown

Employment Type : Full time

Address of company : Indonesia

1. Uniqlo Manager Candidate Program 

Our UNIQLO Manager Candidate Program (UMC) will train you to be a leader in the business worldYou will learn to be creative, develop your skills, solve problems, and take on different roles in the company

 this program, you will join a group of enthusiastic people and complete a one-year training designed to gain the skills and experiences needed to run a business that makes millions of dollars in sales

 finishing the program, many candidates start working their way up to bigger store management positions, either in their own countries or around the world
No matter what you're interested in, the UMC experience will give you unmatched chancesYour own progress, duties, and victories are only held back by how much you try and what you can do

2. Public Relations

Main Responsibilities: 

  • Create a good and efficient plan for promoting UNIQLO products through things like press releases, articles, media events, calendars, product announcements, and communications
  • Working together with the team that promotes our product and other departments to create a good plan for advertising and strong ideas
  • Make sure to do all the PR tasks for the product, like working with the media and handling their requests
Qualifications/Requirements : 

Qualification means the skills, knowledge, and experience that a person needs to have in order to be considered for a job or to meet certain criteria

  • Minister I have been working in Public Relations for 4 years. 
  • Experience in carrying out public relations campaigns and/or initiatives
  • Having good speaking and writing abilities in both English and Bahasa
  • The ability to give a good presentation and speak well in front of others
Skills needed: 
  • Good communication 
  • Building relationships with others
  • Strategic thinking means planning and making decisions that help achieve long-term goals and solve complex problems
  • Please write in a clear and understandable manner
  • Paying close attention to small things 

3. Strategic Digital Planner Manager

Main Responsibilities: 

  • Create plans for buying digital media every year and every month that combine both raising awareness and achieving marketing goals
  • Carry out, organize, and oversee the execution of media advertisements
  • Track and analyze the measurements of a marketing campaign, and create reports on how well it performedTake action to improve the number of conversions and return on ad spend
  • Oversee the daily execution and improvement of campaign tasks
  • Handle approval, financial planning, and process of matching money spent in a campaign. 
  • Talk and communicate regularly with digital media publishers 
  • Monitor and keep track of how well campaigns are doing; help analyze and plan better strategies for campaigns. 
  • Work together with different departments (Marketing, Ecommerce, and Merchandising) to create and run campaigns that help us reach our goals of increasing sales and raising awareness. 
  • Keep an eye on what's happening in the market and find new ways to use technology
  • Make and handle budgets for digital campaigns and negotiate prices with media vendors for marketing and product campaigns. This is done to achieve goals for both sales and awareness. 
  • Find out who the target audiences are and study how they act, what their traits are, and their daily habits
  • Examine how well media advertising plans and campaigns worked, including what went well and what didn't go well
Qualifications :
  • You must have worked as a digital media planner for at least 5 years, handling both awareness and performance marketing. 
  • A good understanding of online advertising like paid search, display ads, SEO, and social media ads
  • In simple words: A good knowledge of computer programs and social media in Indonesia
  • Good understanding of tools used for analyzing data and evaluating the success of marketing campaigns. 
  • I have worked with various tools for managing and tracking advertising campaigns, such as DoubleClick, Innovid, Prisma, and Google Analytics
  • Knowing the basic principles of accounting and math is required, while having some experience in basic statistical analyzing is beneficial
  • Someone who is good at thinking critically, is imaginative, and can find solutions to problems
Skills needed: 
  • Analytical skills involve examining data and campaign outcomes to identify patterns or unusual findings in the information
  • Being able to work well with others, both in the digital team and other departments, is importantIt helps if you can act professional and friendly, as well as being easy to talk to. 
  • Numerical skills are important for digital media planners. They need to be good at working with numbers because they have to handle budgets, negotiate prices, and analyze data. 
  • Decision-making skills - digital media planners create plans and strategies to make campaigns more effective and efficient
  • Project Management - Having the ability to handle multiple tasks, responsibilities, and projects at the same timeCan easily handle changing tasks and unexpected changes
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