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Whoosh High Speed Rail Indonesia Career Opportunity


Hiring company : Whoosh High Speed Rail

Based company : Indonesia

Position : Various positions 

Posted : 2023

Deadline : on going

Salary :Unknown

Employment Type : Full time

Address of company : indonesia 

Hello Friends #Whoosh! Open to all of you who are interested in becoming part of Passenger Services at #Whoosh: 

1. Conductor 

2. Senior Train Attendant 

General Criteria: 

1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI); 

2. Physically/spiritually healthy; 

3. Have a high school diploma/equivalent, minimum 7.5 (seven point five) or 75 (seventy five), for D1 and above Minimum GPA 2.75 (two point seven five) 

4. Age of applicants as of 31 December 2023 (for women, minimum age 18 years and maximum 28 years) and (for men, minimum age 18 years and maximum 30 years); 

5. Have a minimum height of 160 cm for women and a minimum height of 170 cm for men; 

6. Be well behaved; 

7. No tattoos or piercings; 

8. Not involved in drugs or psychotropic substances; 

9. Not color blind; 

10. Willing to be assigned according to company needs. 

Specific Criteria: 

1. Look attractive 

2. Minimum high school/vocational school education and equivalent, preferably a flight attendant education graduate 

3. Preferably have 2 years of work experience in the service sector 

4. It is preferred to master English both verbally and in writing The interview selection process will be carried out directly at the KCIC Halim Office: Only participants who pass the administrative selection will be invited to take part in the next recruitment stages Registration Link:

 register yourself immediately via the following link to become even more #Whoosh! If you have questions or problems, you can contact PT KCIC Recruitment via the following email: #Indonesia'sQuickTrain #FastTrainForAdvancedIndonesia #infoloker

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