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The overall aim of the EBU Africa, Central or South America and Asia Scholarship program is to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals in education. EBU aims at targeting the learning deficit by enabling students to take part in full university programs in Luxembourg on campus or off campus via e-Learning.

How to apply

Application for the EBU Scholarship Program takes place three times per year. For each deadline, EBU provides a list of courses available for that deadline.Before you decide to apply, make sure to do these 3 things:
• Review the eligibility criteria carefully.
• Check whether your country is eligible for the scholarship
• Check if your course fits within degree program goals you have interested in.

Selection procedure

If your application meets all the course admission requirements and the EBU scholarship eligibility criteria, you can be nominated by the EBU for a scholarship. EBU will inform you about the outcome of your selection within 2 weeks.
The scholarships are awarded in a competitive selection to highly motivated individuals.

For any further questions concerning the EBU application and selection procedures, please contact the EBU representative. You can find contact information on
Funding and managementThe EBU Scholarship Program is initiated and funded by the Luxembourg community.

Eligibility criteria

For the eligibility criteria please see the information below
1. Students must be students who are nationals and currently reside in an African, Central of South American or Asian Country, or are refugees in another country and can prove their status.
2. Students must have access to the internet via a mobile phone or computer.
3. All students must be admitted to EBU through the normal application procedures.
4. EBU sets minimum academic standards of that the students must agree to meet.
5. Students must pledge to adhere to the student guidelines

After completing the application form you may receive an email with instructions on additional documents (if any) you need to send EBU to complete your application process. If your application is successful, you will also be asked to pay a €10 (Ten euro) processing fee. The value of the Scholarship award is €350 (three hundred fifty Euros)

We encourage you to read carefully prior apply for this scholarships.
For more detail: Please, check out their official link below.…/…/2020/04/The-EBU-Scholarship-Programme.pdf

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