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Saint Petersburg State University Free Online Course : Russia and Nuclear Arms Control

About the course

As a state with one of the largest arsenals of nuclear weapons Russia is a key participant of nuclear non-proliferation regime and defines nuclear arms control as a priority of its foreign policy. This course will discover the logic and the frames of Russian nuclear arms control policies. You will learn the historical background and the modern context of bilateral US-Russian relations in nuclear arms control and understand how these relations influence the global nuclear non-proliferation regime. You will get the basic tools for analyzing Russian defence and security policy in regards to nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

Upon the completion this course the students will… able to - analyze the actions of a state from the point of view of the present treaties on nuclear arms control; - come up with their own opinion on the problem commented by the arms control experts; - make arguments supporting their position in discussions of nuclear arms control. ...get to know - the technical, political and strategic aspects of agreements on nuclear arms control; - the content of arms control treaties in which Russia participates; - the trustworthy informational resources dedicated to the problem of nuclear arms control. familiar with - the special terminology in the area of arms control; - the modern state and the perspectives of international policy regarding nuclear arms control; - the basics of Russia’s nuclear arms control policy.

About Saint Petersburg State University

Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет (СПбГУ) — старейший вуз России, основанный в 1724 году. Университет сегодня — научный, образовательный и культурный центр мирового значения, неизменно входящий во все международные рейтинги вузов. В номинации взаимодействие с работодателями QS Graduate Employability 2018 СПбГУ занимает 20 место среди 400 ведущих вузов мира и является лучшим в России.

В настоящее время СПбГУ реализует 418 образовательных программ, включающих самые современные направления подготовки и специальности. Сертификат об успешном окончании представленных онлайн-курсов дает 5 дополнительных баллов при поступлении на программы магистратуры и аспирантуры СПбГУ. St Petersburg University is the oldest university in Russia, founded in 1724. The University today is a world-class research, educational and cultural centre which is always included in all international rankings of world universities. St Petersburg University was ranked 20th in QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2018 among 400 leading universities in the world and is the best in Russia. At present, St Petersburg University offers 418 academic programmes, including the most advanced areas and fields of study. The certificate of successful completion of offered online courses gives five additional points when applying for master’s and doctoral programmes at St Petersburg University


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