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Discovery Scholarship to Study at Okayama University Japan

There are various types of scholarships available for international students who study in Japan.
However, it is highly recommended that students have enough in their budgets to pay for educational fees (admission fee and tuition) and other living costs.

Discovery Scholarship

Four top successful applicants at the time of the admission will be eligible to receive full tuition scholarship for the first academic full-year. Starting from the 2nd year, students’ grades will be used to determine eligibility.
(※This system of Discovery Scholarship will be put into effect starting with those students who are admitted to Discovery Program in 2019.)

Other scholarships

JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) also offers scholarships for international students who are residing outside of Japan at the time of international admission to a Japanese university. The university applies for this scholarship on behalf of enrolling students. Successful applicants receive a monthly stipend of 48,000 JPY for the first six months after arrival. Most applications for eligible international students in 2019 and 2020 were successful.

There are other scholarships (other than the Discovery Program and Okayama University) that international students studying in Japan can apply for before/after acceptance to the Discovery Program. Some of the Discovery students are granted full-scholarship that offer full-tuition and stipends. We highly encourage Discovery applicants to look for scholarship opportunities on their own.

Scholarship information will be also posted on bulletin boards at the following locations on campus as well as the Moodle on-line bulletin board (accessible only for current Discovery students). Please go check them frequently.

Locations of bulletin board

Notices in English: Global Study Lounge and General Education Building C, 1st Floor (near staircase)

Official website

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