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Master of Journalism Scholarship at Melbourne University Australia

The Schiavon Scholarships are offered to students in the 150-point or 200-point Master of Journalism and Master of International programs at the University of Melbourne. The scholarship supports the development of a piece of journalism in any format.

Last day for applications: 20 Sep 2021

Total value up to $20,000


To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to:

  • be enrolled or enrolling in the 150-point or 200-point Master of Journalism or Master of International programs at the University of Melbourne.

Selection criteria

Applications will be assessed and ranked on the project proposal, statement on career aspirations and portfolio of work they have completed demonstrating the applicant’s abilities.

Application process

Complete the online application form which includes the following supporting documents:

  • A project proposal of up to 400-words for a major piece of journalism in any format, which is achievable and is able to be published in The Citizen and possibly co-published with other media outlets;
  • A statement of up to 100-words outlining the applicant’s journalistic ambitions and how they are exploring opportunities in the profession;
  • A budget listing project expenses, if relevant; and,
  • A portfolio of published or unpublished journalism that demonstrates the applicant’s abilities.

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What are the benefits?

One or more annual scholarships will be offered from the total amount.

Recipients are required to:

  • accept the award online within 21 days;
  • provide a progress report mid-way through the program which must meet the satisfaction of the committee for payments to continue; and,
  • submit a final report.


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