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Oxford University International Webinar : Education


Friday 24th June 2022, 10:45 - 13:35 BST (UTC+1)

Making professional development work for you
With Joon Lee and Paul Woodfall

The goal of Professional Development (PD) for educators is improvement. Whether this includes improvement with lesson planning and curriculum development, improvement of teaching methods and strategies, or improvement of classroom and learner management, professional development is needed to continue building teaching skills. But even with the most dedicated teachers, professional development needs to be efficient and meaningful. How can we make PD work best for us? That’s the question we set out to answer during our session. We will explore possible issues educators struggle with, such as motivation and time management, then share simple strategies to gain the full potential of PD. This will include collaboration practices and individual or independent settings. Come and join our discussion on how you can get the most out of your PD!

Using technology in the classroom effectively
With Jenny Dance and Chris Farrell
Using technology effectively in the classroom is a key consideration for ELF teachers and learners. Join Chris Farrell, Head of Teacher Development at CES, and Jenny Dance, publisher of the Say It: English Pronunciation app, to hear about their experience in this area, and share your own thoughts, questions, tips and best practices.

The science of learning: How does the brain learn, and what does that mean for my teaching?
With Paul Howard-Jones and Claudia Lopes
This session will help separate out the myths from the facts about the learning brain. It will introduce some of the key neural processes involved and support you in applying scientific insight to your teaching practice. We will discuss how learning changes the brain’s function, connectivity and structure, the role of the brain’s reward centres in helping us to become engaged with learning, how new knowledge becomes represented in the brain for the very first time, and the processes by which it becomes consolidated and useable.

Saturday 25th June 2022, 01:45 - 04:35 BST (UTC+1)

Online Assessment: Adapting our assessment practices
With Maria Pignatoro and Mark Richard
Effective assessment is fundamental to good teaching, but not all assessment methods are straightforward to implement online. This session will look at key challenges around online assessment and consider how technology and alternative approaches can provide practical solutions and enrich our teaching, offering deeper insights into our students’ learning.

Learning through literature
With Rob Peacock and Kevin Churchley
Join Rob Peacock and Kevin Churchley as they discuss how literature can be a gateway into the world of learning. They'll talk about the books they read through their own childhood and teenage years, and how reading was effected by Kevin's experiences in coping with dyslexia. They will discuss ideas for extra support in learning to read, and how graded readers can support different aspects of a comprehensive curriculum. Join us for this session and tell us what literature means to you and your students.

Making up for lost learning
With Pilar Nunez, Naoko Ashikawa and Seema Khummar
Join a conversation with teachers from around the world and share your experiences of teaching over the last 3 years.

Explore how your fellow teachers adjusted to teaching during the pandemic. Come along to learn from your peers and share your own tips and advice! Look back on how far you’ve come and where you’re going next.


Joon Lee has taught a variety of students in the EFL and ESL community ranging from kindergarten to university students and business professionals. He has held positions as an Academic Director, Content and Curriculum Developer, and Academic Advisor in his near 20 years of experience in Asia. He holds great respect for educators and administrators who show passion towards nurturing a learner’s path to success.

Paul Woodfall is OUP’s Regional Training Co-ordinator for Central Asia and the Middle East. He has given training workshops from K1 -12 and university and trained, f2f and online, teachers in Spain, UAE, KSA, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman. He has lived and worked in the region for over 20 years. Specifically interested in “learning by doing”, his main goal is to promote a greater understanding of student-centred, enquiry-based learning approaches, with the overall aim of encouraging critical thinking and the development of good study skills at all levels during the educational process.

Chris Farrell is Head of Training and Development with Centre of English Studies. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of EAQUALS and he Chairs the English UK TD Advisory Group. He is a guest lecturer at UCD, and has written and delivered online courses for NILE and Trinity College London.

Jenny Dance is an English teacher and exam trainer with more than 20 years' ELT experience. She has a passion for pronunciation teaching and learning, and is also the Founder of Phona, publishers of the award-winning Say It: English Pronunciation app. Jenny is a regular contributor and presenter on the 'Learning English with Oxford' social channels. She believes using technology to support language learning can be both effective and fun - for learners and teachers!

Paul_Howard-Jones is Professor of Neuroscience and Education at the School of Education, University of Bristol (UK), where his work has focused on issues at the interface of cognitive neuroscience and educational theory, practice and policy. He applies diverse research methods from computational brain imaging studies to classroom observations in order to understand learning processes and their potential relevance to educational learning. He has authored numerous reviews and books about the science of learning (most recently “Evolution of the Learning Brain”, published by Routledge).


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