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UNICEF Career : Child Protection Researcher


Hiring company : UNICEF 

Based company : Moldova

Position : Child Protection Researcher

Posted : 2023

Deadline : on going

Salary :Unknown

Employment Type : Full time

Address of company : Moldova

About this job

UNICEF and ECARO has been collaborated in making progress in children refugee in Europe due to some conflict countries. In this position an employee will be focusing on identifying legal issue related to children refugee problem. In this case children refugee statistic is not comprehensive but it obviously many children are separated or unaccompanied.


  • Candidate will be analyzing and identifying the challenges, good practices and recommendation might be suitable with the project related to children refugee issue
  • Candidate will mapping of national legislation related to children's rights
  • Candidate will be interviewing some actors who might be helpful to this issue, such as stakeholder, front'-line worker, and an expert.
  • Candidate will be identifying scenario or relevant document related to children refugee in the country
  • Candidate will be focusing on national recommendation

  • Candidate must have at least master degree
  • Candidate must have at least 5 years of experience in children rights issue
  • Candidate must be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of national and international law
  • Candidate must have excellent English skill including communication, drafting, and writing 
Resource and apply : Click Here

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