10 BA in Psychology Online Scholarship for International Student 2023

10 BA in Psychology Online Scholarship for International Student 2023

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In this article, I want to share some scholarship information for those who are interested to pursue psychology degree especially for bachelor degree. Taking psychology as your higher study is very beneficial, because psychology will give you flexibility in applying many job. You can work in any fields such as university, organization, even company. Besides, learning psychology is very interesting as you will learn human behavior mostly. Here some universities and scholarship you might be interested to apply!

1. Harvard University 

Undergraduate Psychology Program of Harvard University offers various of scholarship for undergraduate student who pursue this major. Harvard has been also cooperated with other institutions in providing this financial support to students who need it. The amount of scholarship are various depend on what kind of scholarship you apply, but mostly recipient will get up to USD 35.000 or free of tuition fee and stipend. For detail information : Click Here

2. Seoul National University

Department of Psychology of Seoul National University is under Department of Social science, in SNU if you took this major you will learn psychology in general and later you can choose particular focus of this study. For sample, for undergraduate level you will learn basic and applied psychology. Taking this major as your study is one of the choice because after you graduate from this study you will get a lot of opportunities as you can work in any fields, such as organization, hospitals, or even company. Don't worry if you had financial problem, in SNU you can apply various of scholarship both full and partial scholarship, besides you can also apply scholarship of Korea Government which SNU has been listed on that scholarship. For detail information : Click Here

3. Melbourne University 

If you are planning to study in Australia for Psychology, so Melbourne University will be great choice as this university is rank number 1 for psychology major in Australia. In this major, you will learn about human behavior, culture and also society. Taking BA in psychology in Melbourne University will prepare you to deep understanding of psychology and for your future study if you are interested to pursue your master in psychology as well. If you are interested to study at Melbourne University and pursue psychology you can apply various of scholarship provided by Melbourne University. Melbourne University selected excellent 1000 students who are taking undergraduate level, so you can apply this opportunity! For detail information : Click Here

4. Oxford University

Psychology undergraduate in Oxford University will focuses on scientific discipline and will conduct practical work and experimentation. The unique of psychology at Oxford is you can take this study for about 4 years and just take MSci in Experimental Psychology or combination for 3 to 4 years for MSci in Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistic. For scholarship Oxford also offers various of scholarship you can apply! For detail information : Click Here

5. Sussex University

Psychology degree at Sussex University will be one of great choices if you are planning to study in the UK. Sussex University with their psychology study has great rank, Top 8 in the UK, Top 20 the world. Sussex University has been offered many scholarship for their student to study in their campus, you can apply internal scholarship and external scholarship. There are various scholarship you can apply, such as partial and full scholarship. For detail information : Click Here

6. National University of Singapore

The next best university for psychology you have to consider is National University of Singapore or NUS. Department of Psychology is under Faculty of Art and Social Sciences. NUS usually offers various scholarship to help their student to pursue their dream to study at NUS, including if you are planning to pursue Bachelor of Psychology here. If you need scholarship as well you can apply many opportunities both internal and external scholarship. For detail information : Click Here

7. Chicago University

University of Chicago is one of fancy university in the world, not only fancy but this university has been known as one of very expensive university. Can you imagine if you could study in this university? of course it would very wonderful! Don't worry if you had a plan to study psychology but has financial problem, University of Chicago has been offered scholarship and grant to help you! For detail information : Click Here

8. Teikyo University

Are you planning to pursue your study in Japan? Teikyo University can be one of your choices! Okay if you are interested in pursuing bachelor of psychology you can apply scholarship as well! you can apply internal scholarship or scholarship for Japan government. Learning psychology in Japan would be very interested, you can learn human behavior and enjoy the culture of Japanese as well! For detail information : Click Here

9. Yale University

Who didn't know about Yale University? I think everybody knows this great university right? Okay if you are dreaming to study at Yale and have financial barrier please don't be hopeless first, you can try to apply many scholarship opportunity such as grant, award, partial scholarship and full scholarship. As the others university, study psychology at Yale will focus on learning and understanding human behavior both socially and scientifically. For detail information : Click Here

10. New York University

The last recommendation university that you can apply scholarship for psychology study is New York University. Well I write all the best university here in this article because those who read this are the best as well! The best person must be placed in the best university! For me personally studying psychology in the center of New York will give you a lot of insight, as you will learn human behavior in this study and then you will it as well in outside of university in New York city. Everybody know that New York is full of diversity, people from around the world came to this place to reach their dreams. For detail information : Click Here

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