NASA Internship Program for High School, University Student, and Fresh Graduate

NASA Internship Program for High School, University Student, and Fresh Graduate


NASA offers some kind of internship for various level. This opportunity can be applied by many students from high school, university student or even fresh graduate. Joining NASA as intern will give you many benefits especially in supporting your career. So right now you can take a look some these program, hopefully it will suit you : 

1. Internship for U.S Citizen

The first program that NASA offer is Internship for U.S Citizen only, so if you are high school student, undergraduate or postgraduate and U.S Citizen holder you can apply this scholarship. Oh one thing, you also need at least have minimum GPA 3.00. This program is paid internship, and the salary will depend on your academic record and ability while working with NASA. The benefit of joining this program is not only that you will get paid and get many experiences, but you don't need have prior experiences, so if you didn't have experience related to NASA project, that would not be problem. 

2. Pathway Internship Program 

The second program that NASA offer is Pathway Intern Program. This program addressed to current student or recent graduate. This program is also paid internship. This program is focusing on those who are interested to work with NASA, so if you want to be part of NASA this opportunity will be worthy to be applied. 

3. Fellow program 

This fellow program is addressed to fresh graduate student who willing to work in NASA. in this program, participant will be working a lot in research, so that is why NASA will prioritize student who has research experience before.

4. International Internship program

If you are not U.S citizen or living in the US, so this opportunity will suitable for you! If you are high school student, student university or even just graduated you are encouraged to apply this program. This program will lead you into multicultural work atmosphere, will give you a lot of experiences, getting new connections and so on. 

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