10 Masters in Social Work Scholarships for International Students

10 Masters in Social Work Scholarships for International Students


In this article I want to share some scholarship for student who are pursuing Master in Social Work or those who are planning to. Taking Master in Social Work will give you a lot of benefits, this major is very flexible, means you can work in any field after you graduate. You can pursue your career for sample in NGO, International Organization, company, education institution and so on. Unfortunately sometimes, taking this study is not cheap especially if you planned to take this study in abroad. But don't worry, there's a will so there will be a way right. 

Fortunately when you deal with financial issue while pursuing your study, you can try to apply scholarship, grant, or merit within university or outside university. I know applying scholarship is very challenging sometimes, because you have to compete with a lot of students in your area or from other countries. In this article I want to recommend you some scholarship which might be helpful especially when you are taking Master in Social Work.

1. Truman Scholarship 

Truman Scholarship focusing on preparing next generation in public services. Candidate who get selected will receive USD 30.000. Candidate who apply this scholarship must a graduate student who pursuing Master in Social Work or public services. The committee of this scholarship will select candidate based on main things : Leadership, Commitment in public service career and have an excellent academic record. For further information about this scholarship : Click Here

2. The University Western Australia

If you are planning to study in Australia and pursuing Master in Social Work and need financial support, UWA can be one of your choices. UWA is one of the best university in Australia, pursuing your higher study here will benefit you a lot! UWA offers many scholarship both partial and full scholarship. Besides, they have various of scholarship such as scholarship based on academic record, inclusion, and leadership. You can try it all! for further information : Click here

3. HEALS Scholarship 

Heal scholarship offers scholarship for doctoral students, the amount of scholarship that candidate will get is around USD 20.000. To be qualified to apply this scholarship you must understand their requirement, such as you must be a student who pursuing doctoral degree in social work, submitting your proposal, and explaining why your dissertation deserve this scholarship. For further information : Click here

4. National Institute of Justice Graduate Research Scholarship

This scholarship addressed to doctoral student who pursuing social work and focusing on criminal justice. Candidate who get selected in this scholarship will receive around USD 32.000 for 12 month or USD 150.000 per 3 years of study. If you are interested to apply this scholarship, you must be nominated by your educational institution and work in research field within it. For further information : Click here

5. Indian Health Services Profession Scholarship

If you are Alaska Native and American Indian pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate in health care and social work you have opportunity to apply this scholarship. This scholarship will cover your tuition fees and stipend around USD 1.500, besides you will also get additional support such as books, laboratory fees and so on. This scholarship also require you to have at least GPA 2.00. For further information : Click here

6. Pride Foundation Social Work Scholarship

Pride Foundation offers scholarship for LGBTQ students who are pursuing bachelor, Master and PhD in social work. Each year they will select around 60 students and each student will receive USD 4000. I know this scholarship is not full scholarship, but I am sure this scholarship will help your study. My suggestion is if you got partial scholarship you also need to prepare to apply another scholarship to cover your another expenses. For further information : Click Here

7. Eileen Blackey Fellowship

If you are doctoral student who are accomplishing dissertation, this scholarship suit for you! Your dissertation must be focusing on welfare policy and practice. Besides, you also have to be part of National Association of Social Worker to be able to apply this scholarship. If you got selected you will receive around USD 4000 - USD 6.500. For further information : Click Here

8. Jane B. Aron Doctoral Fellowship

Similar with Eileen Blackey Fellowship, this scholarship from Jane B. Aron also focusing on Doctoral student who are doing or accomplishing dissertation concerning on welfare policies and practices. The amount of award is around USD 17.500 per student. For further information : Click here

9. American Cancer Society Training Grant

If are pursuing Master in Social Work focusing on providing services of psychosocial to people with cancer and you are in the second year of study, so you can apply this scholarship! If you got selected in this scholarship you will receive around USD 12.000 - USD 20.000. For further information : Click Here

10. National Association of Junior Auxiliaries Fellowship 

If you are student of Master in Social Work and focusing on children issue and a permanent resident of NAJA chapter you can apply this scholarship! This scholarship will offer around USD 500 - USD 9000. This opportunity will be great to try! For further information : Click here

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