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Hiring company : UNESCO

Based company : Paris

Position : HR and Administration

Posted : 2023

Deadline : on going

Salary :Unknown

Employment Type : Full time

Address of company : Paris

About this job

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is the statistical office of UNESCO, providing data for education, science, culture, and communication. In 2015, the Education 2030 Incheon Declaration established the UIS as the official source of internationally comparable data for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4 indicators, SDG Target 9.5 and SDG Indicator 11.4.1.  

The UIS mandate to ensure that countries’ policies and decision-making are informed by sound statistical information is based on three key pillars:  development of standards and methodologies; brokering and capacity building; and data production as a public good. 
The UIS collaborates with global partners to develop multiple tools, mechanisms and standards so support countries SDG 4 commitments. For example, as host and co-chair of the multi stakeholder Technical Cooperation Group on the indicators for SDG 4, the UIS achieved consensus on the adoption of benchmarks for seven key SDG 4 indicators. Further, the UIS spearheaded a methodological programme to measure learning outcomes, enabling countries to report minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics for Indicator 4.1.1.  

The UIS promotes alignment of education monitoring frameworks through its technical input into the strategies of global, regional and funder mechanisms for education, providing data and guidance for major initiatives such as the UN Transforming Education Summit, the Global Education Cooperation Mechanism (GCM), while supporting partners such as the G7 and the G20. 

In its role as capacity builder, the UIS works closely with countries and regions to support their education indicator monitoring, an example of which is the CESA framework established under the leadership of the African Union.  

The UIS produces data for all SDG 4 indicators and meets data needs for emerging priorities. In 2020 and 2021, the UIS collaborated with UNICEF, the World Bank, the OECD and the Global Education Monitoring Report on joint surveys of national education responses to COVID-19. The UIS supported development of the World Bank’s Learning Poverty indicator, and the monitoring of commitments for Mission: Recovering Education 2021.  The UIS releases new data four times a year, and hosts the Global Education Observatory (GEO), developed with the vision of providing the international community a gateway to education-related data. 


Under the overall authority of the Director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), the direct supervision of the Human Resources Officer and with a functional reporting line to the Sr. Finance and Administrative Officer, the Human Resources & Administrative Assistant shall provide administrative, procedural and operational support for the smooth and efficient organization and delivery of HR and administrative support activities. 

Long Description


  • Provide advice, guidance and clearance to sections in the preparation/writing of job descriptions (JDs), terms of reference (TORs) and vacancy notices (VNs) to support the recruitment of all staff and non-staff at the UIS and ensure coherence within the UIS and compliance with the HR rules, policies and provisions. 
  • Support recruitment processes for vacant posts or short-term requirements, by preparing vacancy announcements, screening applications, administering written exams, participating in interviews and preparing panel reports.
  • Respond to enquiries and provide information and advice to managers and staff on a wide range of administrative HR issues such as conditions of service, administrative procedures, processes and practices, duties and responsibilities, and entitlements. 
  • Ensures appropriate and timely actions for renewals of contracts, promotions, within-grade increments, and performance evaluations. Develop plans, including timetables, for contract reviews, renewals and terminations; ensure timely notice to staff. 
  • Monitors and follows up on TULIP (UNESCO's Online Leave Management System) data/records in coordination with staff members, supervisors, Medical Service and HRM to ensure that all TULIP actions are validated in an appropriate manner.  Provides guidance to staff and managers to ensure the appropriate utilization of the tool and the leave related entitlements in line with the applicable rules and provisions. 
  • Handle non-routine and complex cases, undertaking where necessary research and analysis, and drafts associated correspondence for the supervisor’s signature.     
  • Manage the on-boarding and off-boarding process by providing briefing/orientation on personnel procedures and requirements, as well as staff entitlements to facilitate quick settling-in and smooth checkout. 
  • Collect and analyse background information, data and statistics; compile and prepare documents/forms/memos, reports and correspondence to support the Institute's HR management, decision taking and processing of HR actions. 
  • Monitor and verify post management records; ensure the maintenance of Institute's organizational charts and staffing tables; prepare reports and trends and support management in HR planning. 
  • Ensures the maintenance of the Institute's electronic database and hard copy records. 
  • Participates in HR projects and contributes to HR initiatives.
  • Perform any additional activities that may be required in support of the mandate of the UIS and to ensure the success of the work team.

Long Description


  • Assists with administrative travel tasks as assigned and prepares draft mission travel letters.

  • Assists in the creation of Purchase Requisitions (PR) by collecting competitive quotations; initiates the PR; follows up on the Purchase Order (PO) and receipt of the goods/services.
  • Processes Vendor management requests in accordance with the established processes and in compliance with UNESCO Policies. 
  • Assists with asset/inventory tasks including the compilation of asset custodian forms; the annual physical verification exercise, reconciliation and follows up on relevant actions including disposals and recognition.

  • Prepares building access reports monthly and where required, processes security access badges and arranges building maintenance services.

  • Responds to enquiries and routinely follows-up outstanding matters; provides information to supervisor(s) and colleagues; makes appointments, receives visitors and takes telephone calls, answering enquiries and/or referring them to the applicable specialist. As directed, liaises with HQ services to obtain additional information/clarification. Records, updates and retrieves information, documentation and data from the Office/Bureau filing systems.

  • Receives, analyses, sorts, registers and distributes correspondence, documents and processes requests for data and reports; determines the importance and priority of documents received and follows-up as required. Drafts correspondence as well as emails/faxes; reviews, proofreads and edits outgoing correspondence according to standard practices and protocol, and to ensure proper grammar, spelling and punctuation; recommends changes/corrections; and provides informal translation of documents.

  • Assists with the organization of meetings, events and workshops; collects and consolidates related budget information for review; prepares disbursement memos and compiles of relevant supporting documentation upon completion of the event.

  • Performs back up functions for the Senior Finance and Administrative Assistant where required.

  • Performs additional activities that may be required to ensure success of the work team. 

COMPETENCIES (Core / Managerial)

Accountability (C)
Communication (C)
Innovation (C)
Knowledge sharing and continuous improvement (C)
Planning and organizing (C)
Results focus (C)
Teamwork (C)
Professionalism (C)


For detailed information, please consult the UNESCO Competency Framework.



  • Completed secondary, technical or vocational school.


  • Minimum 8 (eight) years of relevant experience in human resource support and general administration/ finance or related field.


  • Very good skills in drafting correspondence, accurate typing and attention to details.

  • Discretion and cooperative behaviour and attitude to work in a team successfully.

  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills, good sense of judgement and capacity to support sound financial and budgetary practices.

  • Ability to provide quality and timely support and services.

  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment and to establish good working relationships with external and internal partners.

  • Excellent knowledge of IT skills, with proficiency in the use of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).


  • Excellent knowledge of English or French and good knowledge of the other language is required. 



  • Training/certification in human resources, accounting, finance and/or administration.

  • University degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or related field.


  • Experience in the field of human resources and administration in an international environment.

  • Experience in applying financial rules and procedures in an international organization.

  • Experience in the application of human resources and administrative rules and regulations in the United Nations or a similar international organization. 

  • Experience in the administration of benefits and entitlements. 

  • Experience with ERP systems for human resources and administrative purposes. 

  • Experience in processing consultant and individual contractors’ contract.

  • Experience in preparing complex human resources reports. 


  • Knowledge of UNESCO rules and practices, procedures, protocols.

  • Knowledge of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), such as SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) or others.


  • Knowledge of other official UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish).


UNESCO’s salaries consist of a basic salary and other benefits which may include if applicable: 30 days annual leave, family allowance, medical insurance, pension plan etc.

The approximate annual starting salary for this post is CAD$ 47,249.

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