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AP® Psychology - Course 4: How Behavior Works

About this course

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This psychology course is all about how behavior works. You will learn the theories of motivation, hunger, eating, the obesity epidemic, and sexual behavior. We will also examine theories of emotion and observe how developmental psychologists study phenomena across a lifespan.
We will explore cognitive development, the history of intelligence and testing, and the relationship between creativity and mental illness. The course concludes with in-depth coverage of the fields of personality psychology and social psychology.
This course includes video-based lectures and demonstrations, interviews with real research psychologists and a plethora of practice questions to help prepare you for that AP® Psychology exam.
This is the fourth in a six-course AP® Psychology sequence designed to prepare you for the AP® Psychology exam.

What you'll learn

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  • theories of motivation and several motivated behaviors, such as hunger and eating and sexual behavior
  • theories of emotion, the expression of emotion and the physiological bases of emotion
  • developmental psychology, including coverage of emotional development, cognitive development, motor development, and personality development
  • psychological testing and the history of intelligence testing, as well as creativity and the relationship between mental illness and creativity
  • the fields of personality psychology and social psychology
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