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Sholarship for Undergraduate and Postgraduate at National Taiwan University

There are various scholarship offerings for current international degree students and new international degree students. You may check each scholarship requirements before going on application.
Scholarships for Current Students
l  GMBA Scholarship
l  Financial Assistance Grant for International Students
l  Rotary Club of Taipei Tienmou Scholarship
Scholarships for Prospective Students
1.         Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship
2.         International Graduate Student Scholarship
3.         Financial Assistance Grant for International Students
l   Taiwan Government Scholarships
1.         MOE Taiwan Scholarship 
2.         MOFA Taiwan Scholarship 
3.         MOST Taiwan Scholarship 
Other Scholarships
l   Mekong 1000 project (Vietnamese only)
Aceh Governmental Project (Aceh, Indonesian only)
GMBA Scholarship

Available Degree: GMBA Students
Coverage and Amount: 100,000~120,000/year
Duration: 1 year
Description: This scholarship will be awarded to students with outstanding academic results. (For 1st year students, we will access your documents provided upon application; for current year students, we will access your transcripts of the previous academic year)
How to Apply: See announcement on the GMBA website.
Financial Assistance Grant for International Students

Available Degree: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D
Coverage and Amount: Tuition waiver + Monthly stipend TWD 6,000/month for 12 months
Duration: 1 year
Description:  By combining former scholarship schemes together, NTU has established this Grant since 2015 to facilitate integration with the international community by encouraging academic excellence.
How to Apply:  Online Application System 
Please read the explanation carefully in the online application system to prepare for your scholarship application.
For more scholarship offers, please go to the OIA website:
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