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Summer School Program 2021 in Tlibisi Georgia Organized by Harvard University

The Harvard Summer Program in Tbilisi provides you with a hands-on experience living and studying in the capital of the Republic of Georgia, along with a full course in intermediate Russian language meeting daily. Additional lectures with regional experts on Russian and Georgian culture, history, literature, film, urban studies, and Russian literary works dealing with the Caucasus and their cultural mythology (Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy). 

You also delve into Georgian politics, history, and culture. These program elements will provide a larger context for Georgia-US relations, as well as Georgia-Russia relations and will make use of Tbilisi as a laboratory, including meetings with writers, politicians, and NGOs. Topics will be brought to life in excursions and trips within Tbilisi and throughout Georgia. Pre-departure introduction to the Georgian language and alphabet for participants. Language classes, along with many excursions, events, museum tours, etc., will be conducted in Russian.

You also travel extensively within Georgia—to Mtskheta, Davit Gareja, Gori, Borjomi, Batumi, and Kazbegi—to gain a deeper understanding of the Georgian nation and its regional context.

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