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40 Free Online Course Columbia University 2020-2021


About Columbia University 

Columbia University is one of the world's most important university focusing on research for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD. This university is located in center of New York city. Columbia University also to be known as diverse university as located in New York which is a lot of people from around the world. Students in Columbia University coming from different countries, cultures and other diversities which could enhance our understanding about diversity. This campus becomes more special because they not only providing paid course but also free online course Columbia University and could be accessed by all people from different countries. 

Free online course Columbia University 

As one of the top world university Columbia University also provided online free course for those who wanted to learn new things and get new insights. This free online course Columbia University will help a lot of people esepecially students to learn deeply about cases or even increase their knowledge. 

Could we get certificate?

Of course by joining the course you also could get certificate but unfortunatelly you have to pay for the certificate. It cost around 50-200 USD. The question is, it is worthy or not? of course it depends on you, if you need to enrich your resume or CV such as Likedin account, paying for the certificate would really benefit you. But if you did not wish to pay it is not totally problem. This free online course Columbia University would still good for you to increase your thoughts. 

What subjects we could take?

Columbia University provided free online course with different subjects such as science, social, politics, economy, languanges, computer science etc. So you could freely to choose anything that you wanted. 

How we could apply for the course?

Taking free online course Columbia University is really simple, you just need to visit their website or EDX site. This site becomes the media for courses from many great universities around the world. Here you could choose any course that you wanted from around 40 courses.

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