5 Tips How to Make Great Recommendation Letter to Apply Scholarship

5 Tips How to Make Great Recommendation Letter to Apply Scholarship



Hello friends, today we want to share some tips for writing scholarship recommendation letters to apply for scholarships. A scholarship recommendation letter is one of the most important letters when applying for a scholarship, whether domestic, overseas, exchange scholarships and so on. Apart from that, this letter of recommendation is very important to show that all the achievements or projects that we are working on are officially recognized by parties, one of which is the person who will provide a letter of recommendation for us because we are deemed worthy of getting the scholarship we are applying for.

Tips for writing a scholarship recommendation letter

We need to remind you that the tips we give to friends are absolutely in accordance with what has been done by the management of the Acep Gates website. So these tips are given based on the personal experience of one of the admins who once received a scholarship to the United States. Here are 5 tips for writing a scholarship recommendation letter:

1. Determine the person who can give you a scholarship recommendation letter

Determining the person who can be asked to write a scholarship recommendation letter should not be arbitrary, and of course it should not be from within our family. For those of you who are still studying or have just graduated from college, you can ask your lecturer, but if you are already working and have graduated from college and are active in an organization, you can ask everyone. For example, you ask for a letter of recommendation to be written to your lecturer, your boss at your company and the founder of an organization that you have been or are currently active in. But of course, despite this, you have to choose someone who really understands and knows about your track record, for example your lecturer who knows about your achievements on campus and off campus. Oh yes, I also want to share some tips and experiences when I got a scholarship to the United States, friends, please click the link below:

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2. Write a letter of recommendation in great detail

What do you mean by writing a recommendation letter in detail? Many recommenders only write recommendation letters that are very clear and lack detail. For example, your lecturer makes a letter of recommendation for you, and he only writes that "you are smart" of course what he means by smart is not clear. Smart at what? However, a good recommendation letter is a letter that explains in detail about your activities and there is a connection between you and the person who gave you the letter of recommendation. For example, the person who gives you a letter of recommendation is your supervisor. So the contents of the recommendation letter should be, for example, "You are an intelligent student, always exploring many questions from the thesis you are writing, besides that you also have many achievements outside campus which are of course very useful for the campus' reputation."

3. The contents of the recommendation letter must be related to the program being applied

Apart from having to be detailed, the contents of the recommendation letter must also be related to the program to which we are applying. This is very important because usually in the recommendation letter we will tell you what we have done or what achievements we have had and whether it is related to the program or scholarship we are applying for or not. For example: the recommender wrote like this "Acep is a student who has many achievements, for example academically his GPA is always at 4, apart from that he is also the founder of a children's foundation called AAAA therefore I as the person who recommends Acep is very confident that the BBB program will really helped the foundation that Acep founded"

4. Tell me about your weaknesses and strengths

As humans, of course we have weaknesses and strengths. So, this is very important to explain in the recommendation letter. For example, "Aside from Acep being an active student, one of Acep's shortcomings is the lack of good scheduling to organize his activities, but in the end Acep created a priority scale to balance his activities." Therefore, it is necessary to understand that mentioning our shortcomings is not just mentioning them, but we must also mention solutions to overcome these shortcomings.

5. Make a recommendation letter that is not too short and not too long

Usually every time we apply for a scholarship, the scholarship providers will provide provisions on how many or long letters of recommendation we can make. Usually the length of a recommendation letter is 1-2 pages (A4 size) but if the scholarship provider does not provide any conditions, our advice is to write a recommendation letter of no more than 2 pages. Try to make a recommendation letter that is concise, not too long and clear.

Example of recommendation letter

Well, here's a bonus for friends, here we will provide an example of a recommendation letter that was used by one of the admins and this recommendation letter was used to get a scholarship to the United States. Please download:

Recommendation letter 1: Download

Recommendation letter 2: Download

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